10 Reasons Why We Should Continue to Fund Environmental Archaeology


  1. We need to understand the undocumented past to understand the present and inform us about the future
  2. It can be used to validate or debunk historical texts
  3. We can follow the development of food production
  4. It provides explanations for aspects of human behavior, movements, and beliefs
  5. We can see the emergence and development of medicine and attitudes towards health
  6. It can show development in resource management and tool use
  7. We can see how drastically the environment has changed because of human impacts
  8. It is the only study that covers all time periods and geographic locations that have inhabited humans
  9. The loss of archaeological sites or artifacts means the permanent loss of untold stories
  10. Environmental archaeology is the most important source of change in continuity in environments and cultures through time and space!

D.A. A.G.

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Confused about what Environmental Archaeology is? Or why it is important? Click here to learn more!


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